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Loving-kindness meditation

Loving-kindness meditation (LKM) is a popular and ancient technique that can help people cultivate a sense of goodwill and compassion toward themselves and others. It is based on the Buddhist concept of metta, which means universal friendliness or benevolence. In this article, we will explore how LKM can foster self-transcendence and help us discover our true self.

self-transcendence is the ability to go beyond our ego and personal concerns and connect with something greater than ourselves, such as a higher purpose, a spiritual dimension, or a common humanity. It can enhance our wellbeing, meaning, and happiness by expanding our perspective and reducing our suffering.

self-transcendence and loving-kindness meditation

One way to achieve self-transcendence is through LKM, which involves repeating phrases of positive intention for oneself and others, such as “May I be happy”, “May you be peaceful”, or “May all beings be free from suffering”. By doing so, we can gradually overcome our negative emotions, such as anger, fear, or resentment, and cultivate positive emotions, such as love, joy, or gratitude. We can also develop a more inclusive and empathic attitude toward others, regardless of their differences or similarities to us.

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LKM can also help us find our true-self, which is the core of our being that is not defined by our roles, labels, or expectations. Our true self is the source of our authenticity, creativity, and wisdom. It is often obscured by our false self, which is the image of ourselves that we present to the world to gain approval, recognition, or security.

By practising LKM, we can learn to accept ourselves as we are, with our strengths and weaknesses, without judgment or criticism. We can also recognize that we are not separate from others, but part of a larger whole that shares the same essence and potential. We can then express our true self more freely and confidently in our relationships and activities.

LKM is a simple but powerful practice that can transform our lives by enhancing our self-transcendence and helping us discover our true self. It can also benefit others by spreading kindness and compassion in the world. If you are interested in learning more about LKM and how to practice it, you can find some useful resources and scripts in the references below.

Further Reading

If you are interested in learning more about LKM and its relationship with self-transcendence and finding true self, here are some weblinks that may be useful for your research:

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