At this time in my life, I find myself

Having hobbies or interests I can enjoy?

Accepting myself as I grow older?

Being involved with other people or my community when possible?

Adjusting well to my present situation?

Adjusting to changes in my physical ability?

Sharing my wisdom or experience with others?

Helping others in some way?

Having an ongoing interest in learning?

Able to move beyond some things I once found important?

Accepting death as part of life?

Finding meaning in my spiritual beliefs?

Finding meaning in my past-experiences.?

Letting others help me when I may need it?

Enjoying my pace of life?

Letting go of past regrets?

Having positive, self-affirming thoughts?

Feeling like I am flowing effortlessly into the future?

Sleeping well every night?

Having optimistic thoughts about my future?

Having a lack of self-consciousness about myself?

About the Enhanced self-transcendence Scale

Pamela Reed’s self-transcendence scale (STS) is a tool that measures the degree to which individuals expand their personal boundaries in various ways, such as inwardly, outwardly, temporally and transpersonally. The STS consists of 15 items that describe specific behaviours or perspectives that reflect self-transcendence. For example, “Sharing my wisdom and experience with others” or “Finding meaning in my past experiences” are some of the items on the STS. You are asked to rate how much they experience each item in your current life on a 4-point scale ranging from not at all to very much.
Our version, the extended self-transcendence scale (ESTS) adds another five questions to Reed’s original 15. The final score is calculated by summing up the ratings for all the items. A higher score indicates a higher level of self-transcendence.
We have configured our ESTS so that you can come back to assess yourself, a minimum of two months from the last assessment, and our systems allow you to review your progress anonymously should you desire.
In addition, our ESTS allows each participant to add a testimonial, so you can explain in detail where they are on their journey and how you got there. Again, this is anonymous.

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