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Spell casting

Spell casting is a practice that has been around for centuries, but it is often misunderstood or dismissed by mainstream society. However, spell casting can offer more than just a way to manipulate reality or achieve a desired outcome. It can also be a powerful tool for self-transcendence, or the ability to go beyond one’s ordinary sense of self and connect with something greater. In this article, we will explore how spell casting can help us transcend our ego, our limitations, and our suffering, and how it can lead us to a more profound understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

What is spell casting?

Spell casting is the process of using magical energy to create a specific effect. A spell caster is someone who can manipulate the invisible strands of raw magic that pervade the multiverse and shape them into a desired form. Different types of spell casters have different ways of learning, preparing, and casting spells, depending on their class, tradition, and coven.

A spell has a level that indicates its power and complexity, ranging from 0 (cantrips) to 9 (the most potent spells). A spell caster must have a certain level of ability and skill to cast a spell of a given level. A spell caster also has a limited number of spell slots that determine how many spells he or she can cast before needing to rest and replenish their magical energy.

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To cast a spell, a spell caster must follow certain rules and steps. These may include verbal components (words of power), somatic components (gestures), material components (items or substances), concentration (maintaining focus), and casting time (how long it takes to complete the spell). Some spells also require a target (a creature or object affected by the spell), a range (how far the spell can reach), an area of effect (a shape or size of the spell’s influence), a duration (how long the spell lasts), and a saving throw (a chance for the target to resist or reduce the spell’s effect).

Spell casting can be used for various purposes, such as combat, healing, protection, exploration, communication, divination, enchantment, illusion, necromancy, transmutation, and more. It can also have consequences, such as drawing unwanted attention, causing backlash, breaking laws or traditions, or upsetting the balance of nature.

Spell casting and self-transcendence

Spell casting can be used for various purposes, such as healing, protection, love, wealth, and more. However, spell casting can also be used for self-transcendence, which is the process of going beyond one’s ego and personal limitations and connecting with a higher reality.

One way to use spell casting for self-transcendence is to create a ritual that aligns with your intention and values. A ritual is a set of actions that are performed in a specific order and with a specific meaning. A ritual can help you focus your mind, raise your vibration, and create a sacred space for your spell. For example, you can light candles, burn incense, play music, chant mantras, or use crystals that resonate with your goal.

Another way to use spell casting for self-transcendence is to invoke the presence and guidance of a higher power or entity. This can be a deity, an angel, a spirit guide, higher-self, an ancestor, or any other being that you feel connected to and trust. You can ask them to assist you in your spell, to bless your work, to protect you from harm, or to show you the way. You can also thank them for their help and offer them something in return, such as a gift, a prayer, or a service.

A third way to use spell casting for self-transcendence is to meditate on the outcome of your spell and how it will benefit you and others. Meditation is a practice that involves calming your mind, observing your thoughts and feelings, and becoming aware of your inner self. Meditation can help you clear any doubts or fears that may interfere with your spell, as well as increase your intuition and creativity. You can also visualize the outcome of your spell as vividly as possible and feel it coming into fruition.

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Spell for self-transcendence

One possible example of a spell used for self transcendence is the following:

To perform this spell, you will need a white candle, a mirror, and a quiet place where you can meditate. Light the candle and place it in front of the mirror. Sit comfortably and gaze at your reflection in the mirror. Breathe deeply and calmly, and focus on your intention of transcending your ego and connecting with your higher self. Repeat the following words aloud or in your mind:

I am not my body
I am not my mind
I am not my emotions
I am not my thoughts
I am not my roles
I am not my labels
I am not my past
I am not my future

I am a soul
I am a spark of the divine
I am one with all that is
I am infinite and eternal

Feel the truth of these words resonate within you. Feel yourself expanding beyond your physical and mental boundaries. Also, feel yourself becoming one with the candle flame, the mirror, the air, the earth, the sky, the stars. Feel yourself transcending your limitations and accessing your true potential. Stay in this state of awareness for as long as you wish. When you are ready, thank yourself and the universe for this experience. Blow out the candle and return to your normal consciousness.

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