Care in psychology is a broad term that encompasses various aspects of providing support and treatment to people with mental health needs. It can be delivered in different settings, such as primary Care, community services, hospitals, or specialist units. Care in psychology can also involve different levels of intensity and duration, depending on the needs and preferences of the individual. One of the key principles of Care in psychology is to adopt a person-centred approach, which means working together with the individual to plan their Care and support based on their unique goals, values, and strengths. Person-centred Care helps the individual to make choices, assess and take risks, and understand the consequences of their decisions. Care in psychology can also benefit from integrating mental health with physical health, social Care, and other relevant sectors, to provide a holistic and comprehensive service that addresses the mind and body link. Care in psychology can help to improve the Quality of life, wellbeing, and recovery of people with mental health needs.


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